iCloud Unlocking Service for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch

I forgot Apple ID / Download iCloud unlocker for all versions of iOS.

The iCloud Activator is updated and compatible with all the Apple iDevices.

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Acquire free and online, the best official service to solve the iCloud lock, to perform this procedure does not need much experience, since the process is very simple and secure.
You will ask yourself “what do I need to unlock iCloud?”, The answer is your SERIAL or IMEI, which will teach you step by step how to find it on your iPhone and iPad. With our instructions, you will see that it is possible to Unlock iCloud permanently, and recover your Apple device 100% with all its functions and free to work with any mobile operator.
The problem of locking iCloud is very common, so when trying to find the solution, many users ask for help.

Turn off iCloud Activation lock

Find My iPhone, is the application that is installed from Apple Store, or comes by default in iOS, the application requires you to log in with your Apple ID and password. The Find my iPhone application allows you to know the location of your device by connecting to Apple and satellite servers.
If you lose your device, you can lock your iPhone and restrict access or delete all your personal information, such as contacts, notes and images. Remember that iCloud is a space in the cloud where we keep our information, so this is also the case where we forget the password of the iCloud account and other times up to the ID. This is the case where we buy a used device and the seller forgets to delete it from his account. All of the above prevents us from using our device.

iCloud Unlock easy method ( Check IMEI Number )

You can unlock your device through PC, Tablet, from any Android device, any operating system (windows, Linux, iOS). We have the best method to perform this work, on our website we have a method that consists of recovering your lost and locked device. Most of the error of these iDevices, is because they were purchased by eBay or Amazon. Quiet here is the solution that allows you to delete the Apple ID account that allows you to use the device 100%.

How do I find number IMEI my Device locked iCloud?

Method 1: click on the keyboard of your iPhone and dial * # 06 # and the IMEI code will be displayed on your screen.

Method 2: Go to Settings -> General -> About and scroll down on the screen, where the IMEI code is located.

How to Unlock iCloud free

There are several ways to unlock iCloud for free; we will give you the best methods to achieve permanent unlocking in the iCloud account, where we forget the password and the ID.

The methods I recommend below, do not require payments by PayPal or credit cards, are free methods, without tricks and without surveys.

1. iCloud Unlock free online service

This solution is one of the easiest when you perform the factory unlock procedure of our Apple device, it is fully automated, with the tool that I leave below for you to download. Remember that you are only going to require the SERIAL number or the IMEI.



1. Write your IMEI number or your SERIAL.
2. You need to download the tool to your computer and be connected to the Internet.
3. Run the iCloud unlock tool, enter your data and press the OK key.
4. Wait a minute while the Apple lock is removed.
5. The device will reboot and you can recreate a new iCloud account.
You will have your iPhone unlocked in a very short time.

2. Doulci iCloud Unlock Deluxe

If it comes to choosing the best unlock methods, we can not forget about Doulci also known as (Doulci Kitchen / Doulci server / DoulCi Activator / DoulCi Program, DoulCi Registrations, etc.) This wonderful unlocking service is pioneering and is offered by the Doulci Team leaders (MerrukTechnolog – aquaxetine) for free and offering the codes at https://github.com/

The evolution of this method is very fast, offering constant updated versions to date. If you want to download it you can continue reading here:


3. iCloud Unlock Tool Bypass Permanent

This method contains several free services that use the same procedure, we highlight among the most notable (iCloudin / iRemove / iBypass / iUnlocker, etc.). The best thing about these methods is that they do not damage your phone.

To be able to permanently Unlock iCloud with these services, you need to have iTunes updated, the IMEI to Unlock iCloud, an original USB cable, the files that allow you to modify the iTunes installation folder and connect to the Apple backup server (Albert.apple.com)

If you want to try some of these methods, click below:


Devices and models compatible with the iCloud Unlock Service Free

The iCloud Unlock service works for all iPhone and iPad models.

iCloud Unlock iPhone Xs Max
iCloud Unlock iPhone Xs
iCloud Unlock iPhone Xr
iCloud Unlock iPhone X
iCloud Unlock iPhone 8 plus
iCloud Unlock iPhone 8
iCloud Unlock iPhone 7 plus
iCloud Unlock iPhone 7
iCloud Unlock iPhone 6s plus

iCloud Unlock iPhone 6s
iCloud Unlock iPhone 6
iCloud Unlock iPhone 5s
iCloud Unlock iPhone 5c
iCloud Unlock iPhone 5
iCloud Unlock iPhone 4s
iCloud Unlock iPhone 4
iCloud Unlock iPhone 3gs
iCloud Unlock iPad any model

The iCloud Unlock service works for any Apple device and iOS versions

Unlock iCloud iOS 13
Unlock iCloud iOS 12.4
Unlock iCloud iOS 12.3.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 12.3.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 12
Unlock iCloud iOS 11.4
Unlock iCloud iOS 11.3
Unlock iCloud iOS 11.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 11.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 11
Unlock iCloud iOS 10
Unlock iCloud iOS 9.3
Unlock iCloud iOS 9.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 9.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 9
Unlock iCloud iOS 8.4
Unlock iCloud iOS 8.3
Unlock iCloud iOS 8
Unlock iCloud iOS 7.1.2

Unlock iCloud iOS 7
Unlock iCloud iOS 6.1.6
Unlock iCloud iOS 6.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 6
Unlock iCloud iOS 5.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 5
Unlock iCloud iOS 4.3
Unlock iCloud iOS 4.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 4.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 4
Unlock iCloud iOS 3.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 3.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 3
Unlock iCloud iOS 2.2
Unlock iCloud iOS 2.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 2
Unlock iCloud iOS 1.1.5
Unlock iCloud iOS 1.1
Unlock iCloud iOS 1

The iCloud Unlock service works for all mobile operators and countries in the world.

United Estates

  • AT & T Mobility
  • Sprint Nextel Corporation
  • T- Mobile
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless

United Kingdom

  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • T-Mobile
  • Orange
  • Three


  • SFR
  • Orange
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free
  • Virgin Mobile


  • 3
  • Sonofon
  • TDC Mobil
  • Telia
  • Telmore

We suggest you before applying any of the above methods the following:

1. Request the previous owner of the device to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock

If you bought a used iPhone and it is locked, the best option is to contact the seller and ask him to remove the lock, just start the section on iCloud.com and remove the Find My iPhone device.

2. Request help from Apple to unlock the iCloud activation lock

This is the official solution of the manufacturer of iOS devices, to get them to help you must prove that you are the owner, does not apply if you purchased the device from a third party or used.

This option is only for those who purchased their equipment from an authorized distributor from the Apple company, or at an official store. As the first owner you must have the purchase invoice or a receipt. Apple will instantly verify that you are the legitimate owner and that it is not a lost or stolen device.

3. You can remove / Ignore the activation lock of iCloud with the DNS method

All you have to do is:

• Step 1. Restart your iDevice and choose your country and language.
• Step 2. Open the wifi settings. Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the WiFi network.
• Step 3. Press “Configure DNS” and choose “Manual”.
• Step 4. Replace the DNS configuration with a new one according to your location (Reference below)
• South America / North America: 104,154.51.7
• Europe: 104,155.28.90
• Asia: 104,155,220.58
• Other Regions:
• Step 5. Click “Back” and then connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network.
• Step 6. Then return to the Activate iPhone page and click on “Activation Help”.

Now you can access the features of your device.