iCloudin Download / iCloud Activation Bypass Tool

iCloudin tool has one main purpose: to Bypass iCloud activation lock. The need to bypass iCloud activation is not necessary if you can retrieve iCloud login details.

iCloudin is a very simple program. There are not many complicated things about it, apart from locating the official download, and the purpose of this is to make the removal iCloud activation lock free.

With the help of an iCloudin download, users have the opportunity to remove their old iCloud account that they no longer have access to. A more common situation is to remove someone else’s iCloud account from a second-hand iPhone.

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Download free iCloudin tools bypass remove activation iCloud ID

The download of the .zip files for the installation of the tool is completely free from our hosting servers. These files are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

How to install iCloudin.

Step 1 . Download iCloudin to your computer from the iCloudin download link and extract the program files from the ZIP.

Step 2 . Update iTunes to the latest version. If you do not yet have iTunes installed, I recommend that you install it now.

Step 3 . Using a light cable, connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 4 . Start the iCloudin program and once it opens, click on “IMEI host file”.

Step 5 . A new window will appear. Use this window to locate the iCloudin folder and select “Hosts_Activation_IMEI.java”.

Step 6 . After selecting this file, iCloud lock removal will begin and a progress bar will be displayed so you can track the unlocking.

Once you see that the progress bar reaches the end, this means that iCloudin has completed the lock removal process you are using. You can then check to see if your iPhone has removed the activation lock.

How to use iCloudin

  • Run iCloudin (as an administrator)
  • Connect your device to the computer
  • Run iTunes
  • Check IMEI
  • Follow the steps indicated
  • Enjoy your device versiones del software de iCloudin

When it is necessary to use iCloudin on our iPhone or iPad

You may need a tool to Bypass iCloud activation lock due to any of the following reasons:

  • Attempting to access a hacked or tampered iCloud account Attempting to access such an account by regular means could cause the device to reboot, resulting in a total loss of data for the owner. A scenario that most owners would like to avoid.
  • Attempting to access iCloud from a pre-owned iOS device where the owner did not remove his iCloud account.
  • Trying to find the necessary details about the owner of a lost or accidentally taken iOS device.

I forgot Apple ID, I can use the iCloudin tool?

Is a very common case among iDevices users, since many of us get our device and stay with it for a long time, there is a possibility to forget the Apple ID account. Why this happens? as this information is not used so often the most reasonable thing is to forget the Apple ID of our iCloud, for this reason is imminent iCloud lock.

Buy an iCloud locked iPhone

If you got a second-hand iPhone from one of the online stores like eBay, Amazon and you have iCloud locked, you should use the iCloudin software, which will help you to unlock iCloud in a safe and guaranteed way by Bypassing iCloud.

How to Bypass iPhone activation screen without an Apple ID with iCloudin tool?

To get the iCloudin tool you must download from these hosting servers, the installation files of the tool, the servers are available 7/24.

Bypass activation lock screen, is done by the server that mirrors the operating system, removing the old Apple ID from iCloud. This way the device is free for a new iCloud, allowing to use all the functions like calls, data and so on.

How do i update the iPhone or iPad version of iCloudin?

If you installed the tool on your Apple device, there is no need to reinstall the tool, it automatically updates to the latest version.

Compatible with iOS 7.1.2 – iOS 8.1 Solution for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 8, iPhone X, Xs Max, Xr, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad

iCloudin versions

  • iCloudin v1.0
  • iCloudin v1.5.1
  • iCloudin v2.4
  • iCloudin v2.7

This latest version of iCloudin is compatible with iOS 13, the latest update for Apple devices, it does not require verification codes for installation or automatic update, for this reason it is much more complete.

 Team iCloudin?

For those of you who don’t know about iHAX and ICLoud DNS Bypass, this method was created by LithiumHax and Ighor July, and consists of a Captive Portal pop-up that allows you to apply your device.